About Budyz Group

Reliable partner for management

Budyz group is reliable partner for management and supporting sustainable growth with wide range of expertise.

Our features

Comprehensive support

We provide comprehensive management consulting service with our experienced consultants well-versed in M&A, corporate-law and management in addition to tax and accounting

Practical advice

We never focus only on numerical analysis but support in the view of business management with our experienced consultants. We provide practical advice based on our numerous consulting experience.

One stop service

Our experienced and professional consultants are well versed in accounting, finance, tax, corporate-law and management. You can get through all management tasks with Budyz without visiting many consultants and professions.

Our Philosophy

“Untiring efforts and sustainable growth”
We aim to accomplish sustainable growth of our company and its personnel with untiring efforts and to contribute for expansion of Japanese companies and prosperity and development of Japanese economy.

Message from CEO

Budyz group has been established with our mission to “Contribute to Japanese society and economy” and we are providing comprehensive management support services for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Due to rapid advancement in information technology the world is now a global village and there are no more barriers in communication and travelling. It has been observed that there is intense competition in the market and every business wants to move towards expansion and growth.

Japanese economic progress is based on technology and in-depth knowledge of SMEs. To assure Japanese prosperity in the future SMEs must be active and vigorous.

We utilize our expertise and global network to stand as a supportive partner of SMEs to provide comprehensive management support services.

We are one of the very few accounting firm group which is working for vitalization of Japanese companies and contributing to the prosperity and development of Japanese economy.

Hideyuki Hori, CEO

Born in 1972.
Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, Waseda University

1995 Sales department in Nihonkasai insurance company. 1999 Consulting firm providing consulting service for foreign companies. 2004 With consulting experience moved to business corporation and be in charge of corporate planning (M&A, finance, IR) at listed company. Experienced finance and corporate planning at several listed companies and executed many M&A deals. 2013 Founded Budyz Group.

Well-versed in business operations with wide experience of sales, administration and others.
Managed several companies including start-ups and listed companies and be able to provide practical advice.

Certified Public Accountant
Certified Tax Accountant
Certified Administrative Scrivener
Real Estate Transaction Specialist

Corporate Profile

Company nameBudyz Inc.
Management teamHideyuki Hori, Representative director
– Certified Public Accountant
– Certified Tax Accountant
– Certified Administrative Scrivener
– Real Estate Transaction Specialist

Kazuaki Ageishi, Director
– Real Estate Transaction Specialist

Takeru Watanabe, Director

Masafumi Amemiya, Auditor
GroupBudyz Accounting Office
Budyz Social Insurance Consultants
Budyz Administrative Procedures Legal Office
Budyz Consultants Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
Benecis Law Office
Office3-10-2-3F, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan
IncorporatedJune 2013
ServicesManagement Consulting
M&A Advisory Service
Tax and Accounting
Payroll and Social Insurance
Due diligence, Valuation and PPA
Contact informationTEL: +81-3-5544-8580
FAX: +81-3-5544-8581