Privacy Policy

Budyz is engaged in business activities with a focus on accounting advisory service and M&A consulting. Personal information obtained from customers through our business activities (hereinafter referred to as “personal information”) is important information to us and we recognize that it’s our important social responsibility to protect the personal information. We keep the personal information in accordance with the following policy and will fulfill our social responsibility to provide “security” for our customers.

Regarding acquisition, use and provide of personal information

We will use the personal information only to achieve the following purpose. We don’t use the personal information for other purpose.

  • Accounting advisory service, M&A consulting, valuation and management consulting
  • Introduction of our service, research in our company and making research papers related to our operations written above
  • Answer and reply to inquiry form customers
  • Advertisement of our company and group

Disclosure of the personal information

  • We will disclose the personal information promptly when the said person request us to do so and identification confirmation completed.
  • We will disclose, correct and delete the personal information in accordance with request from the said person.
  • We will obtain consent of the said person to provide the personal information to third party.
  • We will stop to provide the personal information to third party upon request from the said person. However we will provide it only upon request from the law.

Management of the personal information

  • To prevent risk of unauthorized access, leak, destruction and damage of the personal information we will build up and keep a system to prompt rectification for security management of the personal information.
  • With respect to discovered violations and accidents we will implement investigation, prompt correction and prevention for the weakness.
  • We will ensure the education about information security to our employees.

Please feel free to contact us about inquiries and complaints relating to our web site and the personal information.

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