Fee Structure

We apply Lehman formula to calculate our M&A advisory fee.


Transfer amount Percentage
JPY 500 mil. or less 5%
From JPY 500 to 1,000 mil. 4%
From JPY 1,000 to 5,000 mil. 3%
From JPY 5,000 to 10,000 mil. 2%
More than JPY 10,000 mil. 1%


Transferred JPY 100 mil.

JPY 100mil. × 5% JPY 5 mil.

Transferred JPY 700 mil.

JPY 500mil.  × 5% = JPY 25 mil.
JPY 200mil.  × 4% = JPY 5 mil.
Total JPY 33 mil.

For small M&A deals we take minimum guarantee.
If the buyer/seller is facing any difficulty closing the deal we can do leniency in our terms and conditions and provide flexibility in certain situations. This is because we value our customers and we believe in long term business relationship.
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