We support to draw up best management strategy for each company with analyzing detail information by consultants well-versed in business. Our experienced consultants are providing professional consulting services in the following domains: accounting, financing, tax, corporate-law and management.

The most important issue for business growth is timely and effective funding. There are many solutions to raise funds such as borrowing, stocks, convertible bond, etc. Company must choose best investors for funding from financial institutions, funds, business corporations and others to execute the business plan.
Our professional and experienced consultants support design and execution of the financing plan.

At startup stage many new problems and important business options come up intricately at the same time. There is risk to make wrong and late business decision when companies ask different professionals to resolve each issue.
Our experienced consultants are providing one-stop consulting service in the following domains: accounting, financing, tax, corporate-law and management.

IPO is one of the most representative goals of business corporations. It offers many benefits such as funding, sales increase by granting credit, easily recruiting, founders profit and so on.
We provide perfect support with organizing project team by various professionals for the stock listing; choosing underwriter and audit firm, improvement of organization and workflow, drawing up business plan, filing documents for listing.

Building up internal control (J-SOX) is issue not only for listed companies but also for non-listed companies. Internal control contributes to assure financial reports as well as all business operations and improve business performance in the end.
Our consultants worked for listed companies support to build up internal control which is effective for business growth.