About M&A

Purpose & Advantage

In current economic situation and global economic crises M&A is the best solution to resolve management issues; M&A is one of the highly recommended strategies for SMEs.

M&A is suitable no matter you are selling shops and branches, doing transfer of business units, transfer of stocks and willing to do business affiliation.
There are a number of situation that M&A is implemented by SMEs. Please consider M&A in order to solve your management problems. Contact us

Purpose and advantage for seller

  • No successor in your family
  • Concentrate on core competence by selling unprofitable section
  • Empower management foundation by business partnership
  • Happy retirement by selling stocks
  • Accelerate group restructuring
  • Grow your company by talented successor
  • Strengthen financial structure by selling business
  • Maintain employment and business relationship with clients
  • Keep company operation consistent without liquidation
  • Start new business with founders profit

Purpose and advantage for buyer

  • Expand business scale
  • Promote in-house production instead of outsourcing
  • Acquire new markets and distribution channels
  • Diversification of business
  • Enjoy synergy effect
  • Accelerate business growth
  • Advance to new business with minimum risk and small investment
  • Acquire competent human resources, technology and know-how quickly
  • Control business risk by succession of business operation
  • Acquire profitable company within group
  • Turn around deficit company by management resources